Natural Treatments for Acne

Natural Treatments for Acne

Your skin is a good indication of just how well your body is functioning. If your internal systems are functioning properly, your skin will be clear and smooth. However, the opposite is also true. A skin problem, like acne, can be a sign that there are some other problems that need to be addressed.

The team at Brisbane Naturopath offers naturopathy for a wide range of skin conditions. Our goal is to help you reclaim your self-confidence by restoring your skin. You do not have to battle alone – our team of naturopaths has the right treatment for your skin.

What can cause skin issues?

Imperfect skin can usually be linked to any of these:

  • Inflammation
  • A weakened immune system
  • Stress
  • Bad eating habits resulting in nutritional deficiencies
  • Fluctuations in hormones
  • Problems with lymphatic flow and circulation
  • Issues with the digestive tract and/or liver resulting in metabolic waste and toxins not being cleared effectively
  • Poor or excessive personal hygiene

Tips for a healthier skin

The good news is that we have control over the factors that affect our skin. The following are seven super tips that can help you to improve your skin.

Make dietary changes

Your diet can play a major role. A balanced diet is key for healthy skin. After all, you are what you eat! A naturopath will share dietary tips with you as part of a natural treatment plan that will help with your particular skin condition.

Take a supplement

Your naturopath might suggest that you start with a prescribed course of nutritional supplements (in addition to other naturopathic medicine) that can give your health a boost and tackle the causes of your skin condition.

Turn to a topical treatment

For quick relief, it might be necessary to take a topical treatment as prescribed by a medical professional in addition to other natural treatments.

Reduce your stress

By learning how to manage your stress more effectively, you can give your immune system and digestive function a boost as well as decrease inflammation. The result – healthier skin!

Start exercising

All it takes to boost the blood flow to your skin is half an hour of daily exercise. Plus, it will help to remove toxins too! All things considered, this is one of the best natural ways to treat your acne.

Brush your skin

You can stimulate your lymphatic circulation and help your body to remove the build-up of toxins by brushing your dry skin before you jump into the shower.

Use a pH-controlled gel to wash your skin

There are countless skin microbes and many of these, in fact, can help with your skin. Now, if you use alkalising soaps or you wash your skin too often, you run the risk of removing the good microbes from the surface of your skin which will increase the likelihood that organisms that cause disease can lead to infection.

Where can you get help?

It can be hard to treat acne and other skin issues. Luckily, you are not alone! Our trained team of naturopaths can work with you to help you make better dietary and lifestyle choices which could result in beautiful, healthy skin. Reach out to Brisbane Naturopath today to discuss your natural treatment options for acne.

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