• Experienced: Over 34 years healthcare experience
  • Nursing Background: We work natural treatments in with medically prescribed
  • Assessment: We use a range of tools and tests to get to the root cause of health issues
  • Qualified: Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Iridologist, Registered Nurse
Holistic Care

Treating the cause of illness through diet, lifestyle and bodywork.

Scientific Approach

We promote a more scientifically-based approach to natural healthcare.

Preventative Care

Protect your health. Catch illness early and maintain your health.

Target health issues at their root cause and take back control of your health

Have you struggled to overcome a health condition? Or maybe you simply aren’t feeling your best but can’t put your finger on the reason why? Then you’re in the right place.

At Brisbane Naturopath clinic, our holistic approach to health and natural medicines targets conditions and ailments at their root cause. You’ll no longer have to suffer through conditions that stand between you and optimum health. With our treatments, education and on-going support, you’ll live a happier, healthier and more confident life.

Brisbane Naturopath
Based on 9 reviews
Courtney Colless
Courtney Colless
Elisabeth is such a lovely non-judgmental person and easy to speak to. Very rare in the health professions. Elisabeth helped me during a time I was struggling to heal with a few ailments and general medicine had left me with little or no options or solutions. I highly recommend Elisabeth for whatever ails you, or as a check up to ensure in these busy times in which we all live, you are running at 100%.
Christine Heath
Christine Heath
After having limited results with main stream medicine, I met with Elisabeth. Elisabeth not only listened to my story, I found her to be compassionate and extremely knowledgeable. With her nursing background and together with naturopathic remedies, I am progressing well. I would sincerely recommend Elisabeth for any health concerns. Christine
Dan Willersdorf
Dan Willersdorf
Elisabeth is an excellent Naturopath, I've been to many over the years and she is one of the best. Able to identify what I needed quickly and put me back on the track to full health. Very reasonably priced too.
Bev Strickland
Bev Strickland
I came across Elisabeth via a google search and I am so glad I did.Firstly, making an appointment time to see her was easy with Elisabeth willing to fit in with my work commitments and time constraints.I found Elisabeth to be very genuine and interested in my health concerns. She is highly knowledgeable being both a qualified nurse and a Naturopath and clearly exhibits years of proven experience when making her diagnosis. With Elisabeth as my health practitioner I am confident I will get to the bottom of my health issues. Bev
Sabra Matthews
Sabra Matthews
Elisabeth has a holistic and detailed approach to getting to the core of your issues. She is friendly and very thorough with her work!
Irina Bakhtina
Irina Bakhtina
Jane Anderson Speaks
Jane Anderson Speaks
Highly recommended. Super patient, compassionate, understanding and a wealth of knowledge. Elisabeth listened intently and addressed all my concerns thoroughly. So grateful 🙏
Johanna Wiggers
Johanna Wiggers
I highly recommend seeing Elizabeth if you are looking for a reliable, knowledgeable naturopath with years of experience. She has helped me in the past regarding different health issues and is always someone I seek advice from, when in need of a natural approach to health and well-being.
Nicole Melo
Nicole Melo
Talking about Elisabeth it is hard because no words would describe the way she takes care of her patients. She sees you as a whole, trying to balance your biophysical-social health, and not just looking at your specific problem. Your wellbeing and everything associated to it are the real focus on her treatment. There is no rush on her consults and you really feel special and happy with the advices and treatment that she recommends. I am a very critical person and always go to different doctors to do check ups and none of them would fulfill me with all the requirements I am looking for as Elisabeth. They are always in a rush, never looking in your eyes, are always looking for specific stuff and giving many medications for no reason. They don't see you as a whole. If you are looking for someone who really look at all your issues and try to bring balance to your life I would highly recommend Elisabeth, she is the best.
Australian Traditional Medicine Society Member
Registered Nurse and Naturopath
Brisbane Nutritionist
Brisbane western herbalist
Brisbane remedial massage therapist
Conditions Treated

Our Naturopaths have extensive experience with treating and managing a wide variety of health conditions.

Diagnostic Testing

We employ a range of diagnostic tests in order to determine the underlying cause of issues affecting your health and wellbeing.

Our Practitioners

At Brisbane Naturopath, you can be confident that your naturopath is highly qualified and experienced.  

Free 15 minute ‘health goals’ consultation

Discover how we can help you achieve your health goals with a free 15 minute phone consultation (valued at $40). Here’s what you can expect:

– Review of your condition history
– Diagnostic testing recommendations
– Explore natural treatments options

Take charge of your health and wellbeing, book your free consult now.


A holistic approach that embraces natural healing with modern science

take charge of your health

We do more than treat symptoms, we treat the root cause of illness.

Our mission at Brisbane Naturopath is to locate, determine and understand the underlying cause of your condition, then treat the cause with natural medicine. We do this by drawing on the latest in cutting-edge scientific research, clinical investigations and tests that are available to us.

Our clinic is unlike any other in Australia. It is modelled around a unique holistic framework that focuses on five pillars:

  • Nutrients
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Diet
  • Lifestyle

This framework means we remain at the forefront of naturopathy research whilst using the best testing procedures and investigations available to treat illness and disease. And we pride ourselves on providing TGA and Practitioner approved Australian herbal, mineral and vitamin supplements—all backed with proven safety standards.

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Our principals of care
  • Taking the time to listen: We take the time to listen and understand everything that’s happening your health, so we can best serve you in finding a natural solution.
  • Create a partnership: To ensure your health success, we partner with you every step of the way along your path to optimal health and wellbeing.
  • Functional treatment assessments: We offer a variety of diagnostic testing and assessments to uncover imbalances and deficiencies.
  • Identify and treat the roots of disease: Once imbalances are found, we treat the root cause of illness.
  • Compliment your health care: We can work with your medical doctor for an integrative approach for disease treatment and future prevention.
  • Naturopathic Treatment Plans: We create tailor treatment plans that are unique to your conditions and health goals.