Natural Treatment for Anxiety, Stress and Low Mood

The reality is that most of us have to deal with stress every single day. That being said, not all stress is bad. In fact, we need small amounts of stress to challenge and motivate us to make changes. It can even increase our emotional strength!

However, in today’s day and age, we are dealing with chronic stress. This constant exposure to stress can cause us to feel powerless and ultimately our health pays the price.

One symptom of too much stress is anxiety. In short, it refers to feelings of fear, uneasiness and worry and, in many instances, it goes hand in hand with physical sensations like heart palpitations too which can be very alarming.

Luckily, there are many natural treatment options available that can reduce stress, anxiety and associated symptoms. At Brisbane Naturopath, we can recommend a treatment plan that will empower you to manage the physical and emotional effects of stress and anxiety.

Which are some of the most common effects of stress and anxiety?

There are various systems in our bodies that excessive stress can affect negatively. On a neurological level we can experience anxiety and even panic attacks, abrupt changes of mood, extreme tiredness, difficulty sleeping, restlessness and headaches. Our immune system can also become more prone to recurring infections, while issues relating to our heart include elevated blood pressure and palpitations. Our hormones can also get out of whack, in particular our thyroid hormones and sex hormones that can lower our libido. And if you feel yourself eating more or perhaps less, stress and anxiety can also be the culprit!

Why should you turn to Brisbane Naturopath?

We are here to help you take back control! At Brisbane Naturopath, we first want to understand the effect that stress has on your personal life. Our team is trained at using a wide range of screening tools that can evaluate symptoms and identify how they apply to your health on a cellular level. We will then work with you to reduce the effect of stress. The goals of your program will be to:

  • Control underlying hormonal or neurological issues
  • Deal with any mineral and vitamin shortages that could contribute to stress
  • Talk about techniques that can help you to deal more effectively with stress
  • Use supplements to treat certain symptoms relating to stress

If you require more details about our natural medicines for stress, anxiety, low mood or insomnia, please feel free to contact our team.

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