Natural Autoimmune Treatment Options

Your immune system helps to attack bacteria and viruses and, therefore, it is crucial that it functions optimally. Though, in some instances, your immune system can actually launch an attack against your own cells instead of fighting off a virus or infection. When this happens, we refer to it as an autoimmune reaction and it can affect different parts of our bodies – from our skin to our muscles to our blood vessels.

The team at Brisbane Naturopath can provide natural autoimmune treatments if you battle with pain or other symptoms linked with the improper functioning of your immune system.

What can cause a dysfunctional immune system?

There are several risk factors which can result in your immune system starting to break down. One of the main factors is genetics. You are more likely to battle with similar issues, if someone else in your family experiences issues with his/her immune system. A second major factor is your gender. About 75% of patients who suffer from dysfunctional immune systems are women! The changes in hormones that women experience during major life events like pregnancy, childbirth and menopause can set in motion an autoimmune reaction. Lastly, environmental factors like bacteria, irritants and drugs can also play a role.

What are your treatment options?

At Brisbane Naturopath, we offer natural autoimmune treatments that can alleviate your symptoms to some degree. Our treatment option has been designed to help your immune system tackle the factors, alleviate the seriousness of your condition and help you to get alleviation of pain, discomfort or distress. Our approaches in many instances work effectively when used with a current medical treatment plan through an integrative approach.

To improve your health, we approach your problem holistically. This means that we also pay attention to your lifestyle, eating habits and other factors like stress. Instead of simply staring at the symptoms, we try to understand and tackle the underlying causes behind your dysfunctional immune system. We use only the most recent research in natural medicine which means that you can look forward to the highest standard of natural autoimmune treatment.

Our knowledgeable and trained naturopaths can offer you with high-quality treatment which has been created to alleviate your symptoms. Contact Brisbane Naturopath about our natural autoimmune treatment options and start to improve the quality of your life today.

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