Treating Hyperglycemia

When the level of glucose (sugar) in your blood is too high, it is referred to as hyperglycemia. This can lead to different symptoms, varying in seriousness. Brisbane Naturopath has a group of very experienced, qualified naturopaths who can suggest a wide range of natural treatments for this condition.

What can cause hyperglycemia?

Blood sugar irregularities is the most common cause. It can cause your blood glucose level to increase which can be attributed to not enough insulin in the blood or ineffective use of insulin.

Though, there are many other reasons why you can develop hyperglycemia. These include an overactive thyroid, cardiovascular problems, and inflammation of the pancreas. As a matter of fact, oral contraceptives can also cause your blood sugar levels to increase.

What are the symptoms of hyperglycemia?

The seriousness of the symptoms is determined by how much glucose is present in the blood plasma. Excessive hunger and thirst, blurry vision, frequent urination, dry mouth and skin, extreme tiredness and erectile dysfunction are examples of milder symptoms. Examples of more severe symptoms include weight loss, seizures, irregular heartbeat, coma and damage to the kidneys, cardiovascular system, retina or nervous systems. Left untreated, it can even lead to ketoacidosis – a potentially fatal condition where the body starts to break down fat as a source of energy.

What treatment is available?

In some instances, the only action that is required to reduce the seriousness of hyperglycemia is to make changes to your lifestyle. For example, it is key that you follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly. You can also include herbs such as cinnamon, goat’s rue or gymnema and chromium (a trace mineral) in your diet.

At Brisbane Naturopath, the goal of our natural treatment option for hyperglycemia is to pinpoint what causes your high blood sugar level. Using this information, we can create an appropriate treatment plan.

Our team of highly qualified naturopaths listen attentively to every single patient and complete thorough diagnostic tests. With the help of a holistic approach, we can deal with the underlying problems that could be causing or worsening your problems by creating a customised hyperglycemia treatment plan for your particular requirements. To learn more about the natural medicines and treatment available, contact our team today.

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